Panasonic BM-ET300 Iris Entry System

The BM-ET300 series offers enterprises the ability to efficiently manage a database of up to 5000 users. This system uses the BM-ET100US iris recognition camera from Panasonic as the enrollment device. Simple and easy to maintain, the BM-ET300 is one of the easiest biometric entry systems to install and use. The BM-ET300 will even integrate within your existing security system.

*** As a "high encryption technology" access control device - the BM-ET300 is subject to US Government Export Control Regulations. We will NOT sell this product for delivery outside of the United States without prior approval from the US State Department and Panasonic Digital Communications & Security Co. US. Please email us for details ****

For systems large and small
Flexible registration software supports incremental users. User License Management Software; BM-EU300
Series comes in four key sizes:
• 100 users,
• 1,000 users
• 3,000 users
• 5,000 users
Easy operation and management from a PC

All settings, registrations, updates, and information confirmation can be controlled from a PC display.

Designed for High Security.

Encrypted registration data.

Encrypting of Iris code/image data prevents unauthorized access.

Tamperproof construction
An alarm sounds if the camera is removed from the wall or the front cover is opened. If the tampering detection system is not turned off within 30 seconds, all programs and iris image data are erased from the cameras’ memories. (The system can also be set to automatically erase all data when the cover is removed.)

Alarm notification
System operators can be automatically warned when alarms indicate that cameras have been replaced or damaged, electrical power is off, or "Reject" has been received 10 times in a row.

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