In today's business climate, companies need to know who is authorized to be in certain locations at certain times. The most effective way of verification is through the implementation of a biometric device. From finger, hand and iris, Rayco Security can find the right solution for your budget and staff size. We offer products from vendors like Bioscrypt, Saflink, Iridian, Panasonic and Recognition Systems, Inc.

The Recognition Systems Handkey Line of handreaders are installed in over 55,000 locations worldwide. With its multiple and flexible output options, it can be used for a wide variety of applications including time and attendance and access control. Outdoor protection is available through a selection of weather-resistant enclosures. Networking can be direct wire, RS-232, RS-422 or Ethernet. Eliminate wasted administration costs of maintaining access cards for your employees. If you need real security and an audit trail of ins & outs, then Recognition Systems Hand Geometry readers are the choice for your company.

If you are not quite ready to step into the world of higher technology, you can try some of the card access control systems from Keri Systems. Keri's new PXL-500 Tiger Controller platform has made these cost savings possible. Loaded with high tech features like multiple RISC-based microprocessors, plug and play functionality, and on-board diagnostics, the Tiger system not only costs less from an equipment standpoint, it saves on the total installed cost of an access control system project because of the great installer features built in. Your system can be expanded one or two doors at a time as needed, and each controller maintains 100% fully distributed intelligence.

Panasonic's New BM-ET300 Iris Recognition Camera is designed for a wide range of access control applications. It features Panasonics' advanced user guidance technology along with the latest developments in iris technology to deliver fast and accurate system enrollment and authentication.

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